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Based in the Midwest Chemheat has assembled a team of some of the best engineers and scientists in the region to develop this new fuel technology. We have partnered with some very advanced automation companies to drive the ChemHEAT ethanol processes.

CEO and President: John V. Reints P.E.John V. Reints grew up on an Iowa farm in the 60's. He understands farming, hard work, corn and soybeans and more hard work.
With a love of chemistry since childhood, John attended Iowa State University in Ames, Iowa receiving a BS in Chemical Engineering.
The strong education in heat transfer loads and losses, piping, pumping and boiler problems gave John the tools to apply good engineering to the general building and construction market in the Chicago area. John has been a licensed Professional Engineer for 30 years, practicing design and build heating and airconditioning engineering on many large commercial projects in Illinois. In 1987, John spent a year in Holdrege Nebraska, developing chemicals for the agricultural markets.

With a patent applied for in 2004 and granted in April 2007, John is building on a life long passion for chemistry. The US Patent #7204968 is a foundational patent for an entirely new source of carbon free energy. It may take a few years, but John believes there will be beneficial changes to the global economy from his work and patent.

Chief Information Officer: John W. Reints

Mr. Reints has developed serveral companies from inception. His background stems from the Non-profit and Entertainment sectors. Mr. Reints also brings an extensive background in project management to ChemHEAT. He received his degree's from Liberty University in Communications, Psychology and Theology.


To provide an economic alternative to high energy costs from fossil fuels to ethanol plants while maintianing a geeen initiatve.
We maintain our mission through a variaty of standards.
  1. Non-fossil fuel sources
  2. By-products that are reusable
  3. Emitting no Carbon Dioxide


Find out More about our patented processes.